Detox your Home

Whilst we're all aware of the importance of removing toxins from our bodies how often do we think about detoxifying our homes?

Products used commonly in the care of our homes together with products used on our bodies can create in the more susceptible of us a toxic overload with dramatic health ramifications on our endocrine, reproductive, immune and nervous systems not forgetting our respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Some easy swaps to get you started:

  1. It's as simple as regularly airing your home and allowing fresh air in to remove pollutants like lead, dust and dust mites. Lighting a beeswax candle can purify the air and is especially helpful for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities by reducing indoor pollutants. This can ease the symptoms of asthma, hay-fever and other allergies. Airing is also important to avoid excess moisture in wet areas such as the bathroom which can cause mould and mildew to take hold. Indoor plants clean the air and filter out compounds such as benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde and are an inexpensive solution to improving your indoor air quality. Leaving your shoes at the door can also reduce the likelihood of lead and pesticides being found throughout your home. Bamboo charcoal products are also great deodorisers throughout the home and can be used to absorb moisture in wardrobes, drawers, in your shoes, around pets and in your car. 
  2. Change over your toxic cleaning products to green equivalents which you can even make yourself. Better for you and better for the environment. Wash your clothes with products that won't pollute the waterways or irritate your skin such as our organic soapberries and oxygen bleach to remove tricky stains 
  3. Avoid plastics and PVC as many contain endocrine disruptors like phthalates which are linked to developmental delays and cancer. Replace your plastic clingwrap with beeswax wraps and store your food in glass. Use stainless steel lunchboxes, thermoses and drink bottles  
  4. Replace your non-stick pans and bakeware as Teflon contains chemicals which have been linked to cancer and developmental problems and instead choose nickel free stainless steel. Nickel has been shown to be more toxic than mercury and as a heavy metal it can cross the blood-brain barrier and may cause diseases like Alzheimer’s and MS. Pyrex glass ceramic cookware cast iron or formed steel are also healthy choices for cooking which won't leach metals into your food. 
  5. Filter your drinking water with an above bench system which retains the minerals but removes bacteria, chlorine, amoeba, organic pesticides and heavy metals including fluoride which has now been classified as a neurotoxin. It can affect healthy brain development and is also linked to cancer, neurodevelopmental disabilities such as ADHD, dyslexia and cognitive impairment 
  6. Buy organic where possible or at the very least the dirty dozen to avoid pesticide exposure
  7. Replace your toiletries, skincare and makeup with organic, natural or chemical free low tox products. Avoid aluminium as it's a potent immune stimulant and neurotoxin in your deodorant and switch to a natural deodorant, fluoride free toothpaste and haircare which is free of sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and silicone. We stock the best selection of organic, natural and mineral makeup, skincare, nailpolish and perfumes with no nasties and with minimal ingredients and to suit a variety of budgets.