Kitsa's Kitchen - Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables - Goji - 300g


Kitsa's Kitchen - Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables - Goji - 300g


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Product Summary

  • Contains antioxidant rich superfood Goji

  • Dairy, gluten and sugar free

  • Probiotic rich

  • Suitable for those following GAPS or Body Ecology

Product Description

Kitsa's Kitchen is an artisan company recreating an ancient probiotic superfood by producing batches by hand of organic raw cultured vegetables fermented with a live, dairy-free starter culture which contains bacterial strains naturally found on vegetables.

Revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a gentle and nourishing total-body tonic, Goji berries add sweetness and tartness to this nutrient-dense, cultured vegetable blend.

Belly-warming ginger lends its nuances to this sweetly refreshing and juicy blend of organic cabbage, carrot and apple.

Sensational when scattered over roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkin, or served as a tangy condiment to accompany a relaxed, Asian-inspired stir-fry.

Our Goji blend is a winner with kids and adults alike!