Abeego Flats - Square - 6 Single Flats - Small


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Product Summary

  • Completely natural

  • Keeps food fresh using a sustainable method

  • Re-usable and washable

Product Description

Abeego Flats are the new, sustainable way to store your food and keep it fresh. Made from a combination of hemp, organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil, the wrap is malleable when warm and stiffens when cold. It is also washable and completely re-usable. In this pack you’ll get a set of 6 small wraps (18 cm x 18 cm)that are ideal for the small stuff - a half cut avocado, apple slices, onions, tomatoes, peeled ginger, garlic cloves. Wrap your cookies in them, or cheese, small handfuls of nuts or trail mix. You can even wrap the top of your wine bottle in place of the cork!