Tara Wolf - Karma - Buddha - Gold Bracelet


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Product Summary

  • Beautiful symbolic reminders

  • 18ct gold vermeil disc with adjustable cotton cord

  • High quality materials sourced from Germany

Product Description

Tara Wolf is an Australian jewellery designer who creates simply stunning pieces to support your well-being.

Tara Wolf's range fashion conscious range of lockets, chakra, zodiac and karma jewellery are created using precious metals such as Sterling Silver and 24ct Gold and suspended on adjustable silk strings.

Discover Tara Wolf jewellery and you are sure to find a piece that expresses your soulful side.

Buddha stands for ‘Awakened One’, a representation of someone who sees things as they really are. They are completely free from faults and are completely aware of the past, present and future, with great compassion and no discrimination for anyone or anything. Buddha’s blessing provides a peaceful state of mind.