Berringa - Super Manuka Honey 400+ - 250g


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Product Summary

  • MGO 400

  • Potent antibacterial honey

  • Ideal to enhance wellbeing and general health

Product Description

Berringa Super Manuka Honey MGO 400

A strong and potent antibacterial honey that has a high level of bioactivity. Ideal for a wide variety of uses to enhance wellbeing and general health.

If you’re looking for the best Super Manuka honey, you’ve come to the right place. Berringa ‘s unique bioactive Australian Super Manuka Honey is harvested from pristine coastal forests and bush in Eastern Australia (Our bees feed on the Leptospermum polygalifolium plants).

MGO is a common measurement standard and is recognised as the most accurate method of testing for antibacterial activity. The testing method for MGO was developed by Professor Thomas Henle of the University of Dresden, Germany.

Each batch of Super Manuka processed at Berringa, is independently tested in a laboratory in Australia for the MGO level, so that you as a consumer can have 100% confidence in the quality of that product and can easily understand the relative antibacterial strength of each of our products.

There are other measurement schemes for antibacterial levels in manuka honey used around the world, but the MGO method is internationally trusted and proven to be reliable. 


All good honey crystallises at some point. This crystallisation (sometimes called granulation) is a natural phenomenon whereby honey changes from a liquid to a semi-solid state. The honey does not lose any of it’s properties and the flavour and quality are preserved in the process.

All Berringa Super Manuka products are 100% Australian honey – we do not add any other ingredients to the honey. If your Berringa honey has crystallised, please fill a bowl with warm water and stand your jar in the bowl. This will enable the granules to dissolve, and will not affect the beneficial properties of the honey.