Kitsa's Kitchen - Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables - Goji - 300g


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Product Summary

  • Contains antioxidant rich superfood Goji

  • Probiotic rich, dairy, gluten and sugar free

  • Suitable for those following GAPS Introduction Diet Protocol or Body Ecology.

Product Description

Revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a gentle and nourishing total-body tonic, Goji berries add sweetness and tartness to this nutrient-dense, cultured vegetable blend.

Belly-warming ginger lends its nuances to this sweetly refreshing and juicy blend of organic cabbage, carrot and apple.

Sensational when scattered over roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkin, or served as a tangy condiment to accompany a relaxed, Asian-inspired stir-fry.

Our Goji blend is a winner with kids and adults alike!

Ingredients: Cabbage, carrot, apple, ginger, goji berries, culture starter with L. plantarum, Ln. mesenteroides, Pc. Acidilactici, filtered water & sea salt.