CellFORTIS - 90 x 900mg Non-GMO Soy Extract rich in Phosphatidylcholine


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Product Summary

  • Powerful Cell-Membrane Therapeutic for improved brain, heart and liver function

  • Rich in phosphatidylcholine

  • Natural, ultra-pure

Product Description

CellFORTIS is an ultra-pure, highly bioavailable source of Phosphatidylcholine extracted from non-GMO soya beans. Offering an easy and natural way to enhance vital organ function.


  • CellFORTIS® is incorporated into the membrane increasing the flexibility and fluidity of the erythrocytes and reducing the tendencies of the blood cells to aggregate. This can help improve microcirculation to the periphery and can reverse elevated blood viscosity.

  • CellFORTIS® can convert atherogenic cholesterol into a form that can be transported to the liver where it can be metabolised. By this process Cellfortis® can help normalise the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body.

  • CellFORTIS® helps activate the enzyme lecithin cholesterol-acyl-transferase ( LCAT ). This results in the conversion of more free cholesterol into a cholesterol ester. The high level of linoleic acid contained in CellFORTIS® induces the formation of cholesterol linoleate which is easier to mobilise and therefore less atherogenic.

Composition: Each 900mg capsule delivers 600mg of pure PPC and 300mg of MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides). MCT’s have an affinity for cholesterol and can help reduce cholesterol in artery walls.

Dosage: For best results we recommend you take 2-4 capsules morning and afternoon with food. Not a substitute for a balanced diet.

CellFORTIS Supplement Facts