Chakra - Ajna - Silver Brow Black Cord


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Product Summary

  • Specific to the seven major chakras

  • Fashionable prompts to remind us about our thoughts, our aspirations and ourselves.

  • .925 sterling silver and beautiful durable cord

Product Description

Tara Wolf is an Australian jewellery designer who creates simply stunning pieces to support your well-being.

Tara Wolf's range fashion conscious range of lockets, chakra, zodiac and karma jewellery are created using precious metals such as Sterling Silver and 24ct Gold and suspended on adjustable silk strings.

Discover Tara Wolf jewellery and you are sure to find a piece that expresses your soulful side.

Beautiful cord bracelet with sterling silver chakra symbolising our view of the world and our ability to see truth in situations. The chakra controls higher function, remembrance, memory and awareness.