Emporio Organico - Healthy Kitchen Set


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Product Summary

  • Lots of great kitchen products valued at $33.75

  • Eco-friendly

  • Perfect gift idea

Product Description

The Healthy Kitchen Set contains:

  • Retrokitchen Dish Cloth- Bicycles

  • Abode Dishwashing Liquid- Lavender & Mint 600ml

  • Safix Scrub Pad Small

  • Safix Scrub Pad Large

  • Ecococonut Dish Brush

The Dish Cloth is made from cotton and cellulose. It is extremely absorbent, machine washable and 100% biodegradable.

The Dishwashing Liquid is a great smelling, creamy lathering product that has been formulated to be gentle on your hands and the environment whilst cutting through grease with power.

The Scrub Pads are made from natural coconut fibres and bound together by a non-toxic adhesive. They easily remove baked on, burnt and stubborn greasy deposits from all types of utensils.

The Dish Brush is a biodegradable and highly durable multipurpose cleaning brush that has been designed to bring sustainable style to your kitchem with optimum functionality.