SUSTOMI - Silicone Food Covers - 4 Pack


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Product Summary

  • 4 pack of silicone food covers

  • Made from pure platinum silicone

  • Alternative to plastic food wrap

Product Description

Awaken your inner zero-waste-warrior with these silicone food covers! Simplicity meets practicality with the stretchy, grippy, oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe silicon food wrap. Sustomi silicone food covers help keep your leftovers of all sizes fresh. It can also be used as a baking sheet! Available in 4 handy sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large.

The Silicone Covers can be used for:

  • Keeping left overs covered and fresh in the fridge

  • Covering salads and meat trays at your neighbourhood barbeque

  • Replacing baking paper for your next round of oven-baked biscuits


  • Will withstand temperatures from freezing up to 230 degrees Celsius

  • Clear and see through so you know exactly what’s inside

  • Food safe

  • Stain proof and odourless

  • Made from pure platinum silicone

  • Lightweight, stretchy, flexible and won’t harden or crack with age