Going Paleo Cookbook by Pete Evans


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  • 80+ recipes

  • Nutrient dense; breakfast, dinner, lunches, snacks and more

  • The guide to Going Paleo and how

Product Description

Author: Pete Evans

Going Paleo is the perfect book to tranform your eating habits and change the way you feel and look.

This user-friendly book shows you why going paleo is benefitial and how to go about the change. It includes over 80 recipies to get you started. Paleo expert and bestselling US author Nora Gedgaudas explains the why of going paleo and Pete Evans explains the how, with a run-down on the foods that have to go and what to replace them with; a detailed guide to setting up your paleo kitchen; and a 10-week kickstart eating plan to help you get started. 

All recipies in Going Paleo are nutrient dense, quick to prepare, and absolutely delicious. There are chapters including breakfats, dinner, snacks, drinks, veggies and salads. There is also a chapter for the basics - Make your own fermented mustard or tomato ketchup, or cook up a big pot of chicken bone broth to use in various recipes throughout the week.

Going Paleo is for everyone who is interested in good health and eating real food - food that our ancestors would have recognised, that is nutrient dense and that provides our body with the right kind of fuel to perform at its absolute best.