Vegetarianism Explained: Making an Informed Decision By Dr Natasha Campbell-Mcbride M D


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  • Up to date scientific information

  • Essential for those considering a plant-based lifestyle

  • Provides a good understanding on how to achieve optimal health

Product Description

Changing your diet is a very serious decision and it will have a profound effect on your health. Before making a change it is essential to be informed about how food works in your body and what may be the consequences of this change.

Some people decide to become vegetarian after discovering how animals and birds are treated by industrial farming. Others decide to make such a profound change in their lifestyle for emotional, political or religious reasons. Many people decide to become vegetarian because they believe that they will lose weight. Reading the promotional materials, one gets an impression that vegetarianism is the right way to live your life, that it is good for your health, kind to animals and that it saves the planet. A lot of these materials are written with an air of righteousness and aim to make the reader ashamed of eating meat. On top of that, food and nutritional sciences produce an endless number of statements proposing that meat and other animal foods are the cause of all illnesses in the world.

It is very easy to get confused! And indeed, many people do get confused. Many parents today believe that if their child decides to become a vegetarian, they must be supportive. People regard vegetarians as setting a ‘good example’, while some vegetarians view meat-eaters with the air of a pious person looking at a sinner. Are vegetarians a good example? What about vegans? Should we all become vegetarian or even vegan?

This book will give you up to date scientific information about how plants and animal foods work in the human body and how Mother Nature intends us to feed ourselves.

This book should be given as a present to anyone who is considering becoming a vegetarian or a vegan. If you care about this person, please ask them to read it first!