Kitsa's Kitchen

An artisan family company established in 2007 by Kitsa Yanniotis.

Kitsa’s Kitchen cultured vegetables are naturally fermented using a dairy-free culture starter. Kitsa Yanniotis has opted not to use whey as a starter as she believes that vegetables are better suited to being cultured by strains of bacteria naturally found on vegetables and in our soils. The end result is a more delicious range and versatile condiments that are nutritionally superior and more easily digested than the vegetables in their raw form. All their cultured vegetables are made from premium certified organic ingredients.

Kitsa's Kitchen

Kitsa’s Kitchen range is fermented anaerobically in glass jars to avoid any leaching of metals and to eliminate the chance of mould growth, which is often invisible. Once ready it is stored in the fridge. This means the end product is literally bursting with the good bacteria you need to support a healthy gut. The friendly bacteria in Kitsa’s Kitchen raw cultured vegetables provides a potent source of probiotic nutrition that helps to re-establish and balance our inner eco-system.

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 Cultured vegetables are an ideal dietary addition for anyone interested in:

  • Incorporating more raw and traditional foods into their daily diet
  • Improving digestive health
  • Balancing their gut flora
  • Maximising their absorption of nutrients
  • Simply enjoying the taste sensation of delicious, traditionally prepared condiments

Benefits of Cultured Foods

  1. Strengthens immunity
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Helps our body to detoxify
  4. Acts as a natural chelator of toxins
  5. Preserves nutrients, vitamins and enzymes in foods
  6. Improves emotional wellbeing due to the gut/brain connection
  7. Can culture new B and K vitamins not found in the original food
  8. Adds depth to your meals with new flavour dimensions
  9. Acids in the cultures make nutrients more available to your body from the food consumed with them
  10. Reduces constipation and bloating

Kitsa’s Kitchen nutrient dense, allergy friendly treats collection include moreish macaroons, luscious lovecakes and flavour filled fudge that are guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning sweet-tooth… naturally! Finally, their nourishing food range is complete with the multiple award-winning Almond Pate; a smooth, savoury spread made from activated and cultured almonds for maximum flavour and nutrition.

Rest assured, the entire range of cultured vegetables and treats is free from gluten, dairy, corn, soy and refined sugars.

All it takes is a couple of tablespoons of Kitsa’s cultured veggies to effectively assist digestion.

Food for life… Made with love.

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