Morihata - Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitt - Beige


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Product Summary

  • Lightweight

  • Absorbent

  • Gently exfoliates

Product Description

The Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitten is lightly textured to gently exfoliate and smooth rough skin for an invigorating bath. One side is textured with sasawashi terry cloth for thorough exfoliation while the back side is made of smooth sasawashi fiber to cleanse the skin. Both sides of the mitt may be used with or without soap. 
Made from a blend of washi (Japanese paper) and fibers from the Kumazasa plant, Sasawashi is a durable fabric with twice the absorbency of cotton. The Kumazasa plant is known for its natural anti-allergen, anti-bacterial and deodorant properties. Together, they create a fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly absorbent, for goods that will last a lifetime.

Materials: 100% Washi Paper Pile, 100% Cotton Foundation Cloth 
Dimensions: Width: 13cm Length: 20cm 
Care: Machine Washable