My Bio Defence - Yoghurt Maker


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Product Code: 12342

Product Summary

  • Suitable for GAPS/SCD Diets

  • 24 hour fermentation capacity and beyond

  • Maintains constant temperature

Product Description

This yoghurt maker has been designed to culture yoghurt at low temperatures so that the lactose is reduced and the live enzymes remain intact.

You can culture your choice of milk for 24 hours or longer if you are following the GAPS or SCD Diet protocols.

It has a self setting timer with a digital display and automatic shut off and comes with 7 x 100ml glass jars which allow for individual serves. The temperature gauge is adjustable and ranges from 20°C - 52°C. The ideal temperature for culturing GAPS yoghurt is 38°C. It also has low power consumption of 20W and is 31.5 x 28 x 20cm in size. A User Manual is also included.