Emporio Organico - Men's Everyday Essentials - Blue


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Product Description

Men’s Everyday Essentials – Blue Contains:

• Memobottle – Drinking Water A5 – 750ml
• SOL CUPS – Re-usable glass cup –Winter Bondi Blue -473ml
• Baggu – Standard Baggu – Micro Stripe

The A5 memobottle is ideal for travelling, the office or coupled with college books. Holding 750ml, the A5 memobottle is a reusable water bottle for the premium drinker. It slides into your bag. Each memobottle comes with a black and a white lid, a memobooklet and recycled cardboard packaging.

SoL are for ending waste and embracing taste with their beautiful hand-blown glass cups designed to keep the heat in and the nasties out. They’re sustainable, safe to use and look after our environment. SoL have created these cups to meet an important and growing demand – it’s portable, sustainable, reusable, aesthetically pleasing and can be used with minimal hassle so you can enjoy your coffee or tea with zero concern for your health.

Did you know that 50% of the world’s plastic goes into items that are only used once? One use plastic shopping bags are one of the biggest threats to the environment. Keep a bag or two in your car or handbag and you’ll always be prepared for those unexpected shopping trips. The Baggu reusable bags are stylish enough to take anywhere not just to the shops. Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. They hold 2-3 plastic supermarket bags worth of stuff. They also fold into a flat 12cm x 12cm pouch.