Oleria Emporium - Candle - Dinner Candle - 26cm (4 pack)


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Product Summary

  • 100% pure Australian Beeswax

  • Medical benefits 

  • 100% natural with pure cotton wicks

Product Description

Oleria Emporium's 100% pure Australian beeswax candles are hand poured on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. These delicate candles with 100% pure beeswax can purify and clean the air in your home, the perfect candle for anyone allergy or chemical sensitive. While having medicinal benefits these candles also help to reduce indoor pollutants, can ease the symptoms of asthma, hay-fever and other allergies. While providing all these benefits Oleria Emporiums Beeswax candles fill your house with a natural lush scent of honey and nectar.

100% Pure Australian Beeswax with Pure Cotton Wick

To prolong the life of your candle and prevent tunnelling allow your candle to burn for 2-4 hours each time, or at least until the surface wax has melted.