Kitsa's Kitchen - Organic Raw Cultured Vegetables - Traditional - 1L


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Product Summary

  • An ideal cultured food for children

  • Probiotic rich, dairy, gluten and sugar free

  • Suitable for those following GAPS Introduction Diet Protocol or Body Ecology.

Product Description

The Traditional Raw Cultured Vegetables are the best place to start if you’re new to cultured vegetables… or, for the connoisseur seeking a vibrant, basic ‘kraut!

These cultured vegetables are a succulently simple concoction of cabbage and sweet carrots, gently spiked with the clear, crisp tang of Juniper berries.

Outstanding served with roasted wild game, beef or pork, the Traditional blend also shines when tossed through salads, spooned aside breakfast eggs or gently stirred through wild rice and quinoa dishes.

Ingredients: Cabbage, carrots, juniper berries, culture starter with L. plantarum, Ln. mesenteroides, Pc. Acidilactici, filtered water & sea salt.