Pickl-it 750ml Fridge Storage Set


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Product Summary

  • Curing your ferments

  • Decanting your ferments

  • Storing your ferments

Product Description

This mixed set of Pick-it jars is suitable for decanting and refrigerating your ferments as well as further curing. The Pickl-it storage jars are accompanied by mini airlocks which are ideal for refrigerator storage of foods that require long-term curing and are active producers of carbon dioxide, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, cucumbers etc.

The airlock can be removed once curing is complete and replaced with the Pickl-it Plug'R. This is designed to turn your Pickl-it fermentation jar into a vessel suitable for long-term refrigerator storage.


  • 4 x 750ml litre Pickl-it Jars

  • 4 x Pickl-it Plug'Rs

  • 4 x Pickl-it Mini Airlocks

  • Pickl-it Lids Emerald Green or Milky White Glass Lid (as stock permits)