Pickl-it Jar 4L System (new & used parts)


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Product Summary

  • Anaerobic Fermentation

  • High capacity barrel airlock

  • Air-tight lid

Product Description

***Please note these jars have been lovingly used in our fermentation business Kitsa's Kitchen, and are now 50% OFF. We have added the following new replacement parts:

New Seal
New Dunk'R

The following parts have been used although thoroughly cleaned:

Used Lid
Used Plug'R
Used Airlock
Used Jar***


The 4L Pickl-it jar is perfect for fermenting large quantities. The lid is air-tight and the high capacity barrel airlock ensures consistent results every time.

Once you have finished fermenting, remove the airlock and replace with the Pickl-it Plug'R.The Plug'R converts your jar into a storage container once the airlock is removed. Your ferment can now be stored safely in the fridge.

A Pickl-it Dunk'R is also included in this package. The Dunk'R is a glass weight which helps to keep ferments submerged under liquid minimising the risk of spoilage.

  • 4 litre Pickl-it Jar with Pickl-it Emerald Green or Milky White Glass Lid (as stock permits)

  • Pickl-it Standard Airlock

  • Pickl-it Plug'R

  • Pickl-it Dunk'R