SILIT - Sicomatic T Plus 6.5L Pressure Cooker - Black


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Product Summary

  • Preserves vitamins, minerals and flavours

  • Up to 70% shorter cooking times

  • Easy cleaning

Product Description

Silit's Sicomatic T-Plus Pressure Cookers are an absolute necessity for every healthy kitchen. Silit has utilized the most recent cooking innovations and flawless design to create the Sicomatic T-Plus Pressure Cooker. The cooker preserves vitamins, mineral and flavours whilst cutting cooking times down by 70%. It includes multiple cooking levels for delicate foods, long cooking periods and a steaming level. The contents can also be heated up the with no pressure.

Features: made in Germany, suitable for induction, energy efficient, safe to use, easy to clean, capacity 6.5L, diameter 24cm.