Soda Press - Organic & Natural Syrup Concentrate - Pink Grapefruit


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Product Summary

  • All natural and organic ingredients

  • 30-50% less sugar than traditional cordials. 

  • Perfect for cocktails, mixers, kids parties and popsicles

Product Description

Finally an alternative to traditional 'soda machine syrups' and 'cordials' has arrived. Soda Press Co,’s  syrups are created using  a small batch slow-extraction process using all natural and organic ingredients, and contain 30-50% less sugar than traditional cordials.

An old classic with a twist that delivers a truly thirst quenching symphony of citric notes with a dash of blackcurrant and cranberry extract.

These are hand crafted, small batch bottles and make around 4 litres of flavoursome liquid to be paired with 'soda machines', carbonated, cold, or hot water.

Ingredients: Filtered water, organic sugar, lemon juice (18%), organic rice syrup, tartaric acid, Epsom salts, organic cranberry juice concentrate, asorbic acid, organic blackcurrant juice concentrate.. Allergens: None.