SOL CUPS - Re-usable glass cup - Blue Stone - 473ml


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Product Summary

  • Hand blown 16oz borosilicate glass cup

  • Optional waterproof pouch

  • Infinitely reusable

Product Description

Blue Stone is soft and playful.  A sell out!

SoL are for ending waste and embracing taste with their beautiful hand-blown glass cups designed to keep the heat in, and the nasties out. They’re sustainable, safe to use and look after our environment.

SoL have created these cups to meet an important and growing demand – it’s portable, sustainable, reusable, aesthetically pleasing and can be used with minimal hassle, so you can enjoy your coffee or tea with zero concern for your health.

SoL Cups help people to move from a throwaway mindset to a more environmentally supportive one so we can all be kind to the world around us.

SoL Cups offer an optional Sol Waterproof Pouch - the perfect spill free solution. Once you have finished your beverage, just pop it in the bag, close tight and voila! Your carry bag and your glass is safe. It is completely re-usable, waterproof and washing machine friendly. It won’t shrink or change colour after getting washed.

16oz Sol Cup Features:

  • Light weight and crystal clear

  • Sol cups are hand blown borosilicate glass, not machine made

  • Spill free silicon lid

  • Signature SoL thermal sleeve

  • This is a standard large size, barista approved

  • They are absolutely dishwasher & microwave safe

  • The glass, sleeve and lid are BPA and chemical free

  • Completely food grade safe and approved