Soladey - J3X Toothbrush - Solar Green Toothbrush


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Product Summary

  • Solar panel powered toothbrush

  • Comes with soft brush head

  • Medical grade stainless steel handle

Product Description

The Soladey Solar Toothbrush is a solar powered toothbrush with replaceable brush heads. The handle is stainless steel with an anti-bacterial titanium dioxide rod, and should last a lifetime if taken care of correctly.

The Soladey-3 uses electrically transmitted ions to facilitate the removal of plaque and aid in teeth cleaning. The electronic reaction makes the bonds between the plaque and the tooth weak, allowing easy removal of the plaque. The very low level current cannot be felt and is completely safe. 

The Soladey-3 is from Japan and is fast becoming one of the most popular toothbrushes on the market. The electronic reaction is produced via a Solar Panel in the toothbrush’s base that transmits the electrons to a titanium oxide semiconductor located just below the brush head. There, the electrons are carried from the semiconductor through water (and saliva) to the teeth. A circuit is created from the mouth back to the brush via the stainless steel handle. The reaction makes the bonds between the plaque to be removed easily. 

  • Reduces the risk of Periodontal Disease and Bleeding Gums. 

  • Prevents new plaque and biofilm from forming via the ionic action. 

  • Toothpaste is not needed or recommended. 

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