SOLIDTEKNICS - AUSfonte Cast Iron BIGskillet Pan - 32cm


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Product Summary

  • Nickel Free

  • Healthy Non Stick

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Lifetime Guarantee

Product Description

AUSfonte™ BIGskillet 32cm

AUSfonte™ BIGskillet 32cm is a classic BIG surface area skillet  with all new innovation. Perfect for big families and entertaining, it also makes a beautiful serving dish for the table. Two Love Handles offer comfort, leverage and easy lifting because BIGskillet Love Handles act as a pivot point to transfer more weight to the bench or stove-top as the pan is lifted. The lifting hand carries almost no weight as the pan approaches vertical which leaves one hand free for easy scraping out.

It is an outstanding stand alone skillet, but it also compliments our AUSfonte™ DEEPan as either a lid or base to make an exceptional heirloom set.

Seasoning Instruction:

AUS-ION & AUSfonte Differences:

Multi-Century Warranty:

High-performance SOLIDTEKNICS AUSfonte™ cast iron cookware has been developed by food-loving mechanical engineer Mark J Henry.

Since their meteoric launch on Kickstarter in September 2014, SOLIDTEKNICS' new-generation high-performance Australian-made AUSfonte™ cookware has been internationally acclaimed by expert cooks. AUSfonte™ is produced from naked, honest and clean Australian cast iron, lightly pre-seasoned at the foundry.

Cast iron is rapidly regaining popularity with serious cooks around the world and booming again and for good reason! Simple cleaning and seasoning maintenance gives cast iron natural corrosion resistance and nonstick properties.Slow braise or sear at high temperatures without concern for synthetic nonstick coatings.

This is NOT disposable synthetic-coated cookware destined for the landfill. This is heirloom cookware and all their pans are cast/engraved with the date of production, to hand down for many generations, with love. Furthermore, like the antique American cast iron pans of old, we have produced the perfect cast iron cooking surface.
By hand machine-sanding smooth the rough cast cooking surface SOLIDTEKNICS removes all the sharp tops that catch the food but retain the small divets that anchor the seasoning so well. It's difficult and expensive to produce but the improved cooking performance makes it very much worthwhile! 

Hygienic, Durable, Comfortable, Healthy and sustainable, Time-saving (pre-seasoned). 

We know these pans will be enjoyed for many generations to come, and each pan is stamped with the manufacturing date to reflect this heirloom quality.