SOLIDTEKNICS - AUS-ION Satin Flaming SKILLet 3mm steel - 26cm


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Product Summary

  • Nickel Free

  • Healthy Non Stick

  • Heirloom Quality

  • Lifetime Guarantee

Product Description

Satin Flaming Skillet 3mm steel- 26cm

The perforated base allows the heat and flames to flick the surface of your juicy steaks or fish, marinated chicken breasts and even oiled breads or corn cobs; it is made for high heat cooking and loves an open grill, campfire or charcoal hibachi equally.

L 53cm, Diam 26cm, H at handle 10cm, H of bowl 5cm, 1.6kg 

Developed by food-loving mechanical engineer Mark J Henry, Australian-made 

AUS-ION™ low carbon steel pans have been internationally acclaimed by chefs and serious home cooks for their world first innovations and superior performance. AUS-ION™ is 100% made in Australia, from 100% Australian iron (low carbon steel)

AUS-ION™ pans are similar to the best French sheet iron/steel restaurant pans only with significant improvements for greater performance.

Seamless construction with no rivets to loosen over time. Made from one thick piece of seamless iron (low carbon mild steel: very tough). Webbed designed neck to keep handle cool. Perfect even pan heating and heat retention

Healthy and sustainable: All-natural lightly pre-seasoned at factory for healthy low-stick that only improves with cooking. This vegetable oil-based seasoning is safe at high temperatures and forever renewable not disposable. Continue seasoning and maintaining just like any steel or iron pan. It's easy with provided instructions.  

Seasoning Instruction:

AUS-ION & AUSfonte Differences:

Multi-Century Warranty: 

Hygienic, Durable, Comfortable, Cool handle, Healthy and sustainable, time-saving (pre-seasoned).  

We know these pans will be enjoyed for many generations to come, and each pan is stamped with the manufacturing date to reflect this heirloom quality.