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Product Summary

  • Made from sustainably harvested cedar wood

  • FSC/PEFC certified

  • Contains Forget-me-not, Lavender and Marigold

Product Description

Sprout is made from sustainably harvested cedar wood, FSC/PEFC certified, so when one tree is used another is planted, and has a water-activated seed at its tip. It is non-toxic, lead free and 100 per cent natural. The writing material is made from graphite and clay.

Once you've finished using Sprout, you can plant it, water it and watch it grow! It is an eco-friendly way to turn ordinary writing into an extraordinary experience.

There are two varieties of Sprout Trios:

Herb which contains one each of Basil, Rosemary, Thyme

Flower which contains one each of Forget-me-not, Lavender and Marigold.