Star Anise Organics Beet Kvass - 250ml


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Product Summary

  • Organic ingredients

  • Rich in probiotics

  • Helps build immunity, good digestion, brain and skin function

Product Description

* Due to the delicate nature of this product it can’t be sent in the post and can only be picked up from our warehouse or purchased from our store in Crows Nest *.

Beet kvass is an age-old traditional lacto-fermented beverage rich in probiotics that are essential for strong immunity, good digestion, brain and skin function and healthy metabolism. Beet Kvass is specifically touted for its effects as a blood tonic, immune builder, detoxifier and also promotes regularity.

Build up to drinking 100ml per day.


Ingredients: filtered water, organic beetroots, organic raw apple cider vinegar and organic sea salt