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Product Summary

  • Includes beautiful gift box

  • 3 stone set

  • Protective and soothing qualities

Product Description

Safe Travel

Alleviate the stress that comes with travelling with The Goodnight Co’s safe travel crystals. These stones have been specifically chosen for their protective and soothing qualities and fill your environment with positive energy on your journey. 

The tumble stones include:

  • citrine for increased energy and wealth protection, 

  • black obsidian to eliminate negativity and 

  • moonstone to prevent jet lag and combat stress. 


The Goodnight Co crystals come in a compact box that makes carrying them with you while you travel convenient and fuss free. Keep them with you while you travel, and place them close to your bed when you sleep, or use them in regular meditation. Your crystals should be cleansed under cool water every 1-2 weeks and work best when recharged under a full moon. 

This crystal set contains one of each stone, and comes in a beautiful gift box for safe keeping.