The Goodnight Co - Crystals - Sweet Dreams for Baby


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Product Summary

  • Includes beautiful gift box

  • Encourage your baby to sleeping safe

  • Set of 3 stones

Product Description

Sweet Dreams Baby

New parents can help encourage their baby to sleeping safe and sound through the night with The Goodnight Co’s crystal set for infants.

The set includes:

  • moonstone for regulated sleep patterns and preventing nightmares

  • rose quartz for security and 

  • amethyst to soothe and promote a restful slumber. 


These sleep crystals should be placed in your baby’s room in a secure, out of reach position. For best results, wash your crystals under cool water every 1-2 weeks and recharge them under a full moon. 

This crystal set contains one of each stone, and comes in a beautiful gift box for safe keeping.