The Probiotic Jar 750ml


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Product Summary

  • Anaerobic Fermentation

  • Brine Bowl as glass weight

  • Easy to Use

Product Description

The Probiotic Jar 750 ml System has a variety of components to get you started on your fermentation journey. The Quick Start Booklet is a comprehensive how-to and should have you up and running in no time.

The 750 ml jar is perfect for fermenting larger quantities. The lid is airtight and the high capacity barrel airlock procures unfailing results. The jar is made in Italy and high quality, food grade silicon parts are manufactured in the USA.

The included brine bowl is designed to keep your vegetables submerged in the brine and to catch any overflow which reduces the potential for oxidation or growth of pathogens.

A food grade silicon stopper turns your fermentation jar into a container suitable for long term storage in the fridge.

For the serious and cultured connoisseur a Magnetic Brine Chart is included. It features both Imperial and Metric measurements and all the brine concentrations that are needed when pickling various food items in The Probiotic Jar.


  • 750ml Probiotic Jar

  • Probiotic Jar Brine Bowl

  • Probiotic Jar Standard Airlock

  • Probiotic Jar Stopper

  • Probiotic Jar Quick Start Booklet

  • Probiotic Jar Magnetic Brine Chart