The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip By Michael Sedunary and Bern Emmerichs


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Product Summary

  • Beautifully illustrated

  • Set during the First Settlement

  • Heart-warming story

Product Description

The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip is the second book in a series of books from Berbay Publishing on the British settlement of Australia.

One of Australia’s most important and fascinating stories that remains largely unknown to most people! The book explores the extraordinary and improbable friendship between Bennelong, a local Aboriginal man, and Captain Arthur Phillip, who led the First Fleet and founded the settlement that became Sydney.

The story is set amidst the arrival of the First Fleet to Australia, when two vastly different worlds first met. Despite coming from polar opposite backgrounds, Bennelong and Phillip overcame a negative start to their relationship and developed a significant and important friendship.

The book has been thoughtfully written by Michael Sedunary and complimented with stunning artwork by celebrated Australian ceramic artist, Bern Emmerichs