What Am I Supposed to Eat? Making sense of food confusion By Dr Libby Weaver


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Product Summary

This book by Dr Libby Weaver is the go-to guide for making informed choices about food that won’t go out of date. In this practical, inspirational, and visually beautiful book, Dr Libby pours her two decades of knowledge, research and clinical experience into comprehensive and easy¬ to-read articles, step-by-step guides, worksheets and real-life examples, to help you answer the question, “So, what am I supposed to eat?”

The book also explores topics such as why food could be making you feel tired, how to stop counting calories and how to talk to young girls about food. It’s time to stop living in fear that everything you put into your mouth will affect the size of your body. It’s possible to change your relationship with food – forever.

Product Description

  • Making sense of food confusion

  • Based on research and clinical experience

  • Range of topics covered.