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Product Summary

  • Portable card game about travel

  • Fast-changing and addictive

  • Great travelling accessory

Product Description

Backpacker is a fantastic, portable, card game for 2 to 6 players. Just like travelling, it's fun, exciting, fast-changing and very addictive.

Experience all the fun and unpredictability of travelling the world as you try to outwit your opponents to be the player who has returned home with the most photos. Visit different countries and continents, enjoy beaches, trekking, wildlife and culture, meet other travellers and get good and bad advice, whilst trying to avoid getting sick or missing your plane. You'll need careful planning, good timing, patience and a bit of luck to win and with so many scenarios, no two games are ever the same.

Backpacker is the first pocket-sized game about travelling the world and essential for anyone who loves foreign travel. Play at home or take as an accessory on your next holiday.