Your Food by Malcolm McGuire


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  • Healthy, fresh food shopping guide

  • Unearths the secrets of where our food originates

  • A-Z handbook of popular fresh food items

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Your Food by Malcolm McGuire

Before you next put food into your mouth, spare a thought how it might have been produced. The supermarkets' relentless push for ever-cheaper prices has meant their food suppliers - with a close eye on profit margins - are forced to cut corners in all areas of production. This has enormous health, environmental and animal welfare implications. It may look perfect but the food we eat today is nothing like what it once was. 

Your Food is Australia's healthy, fresh food shopping guide. It is a unique A-Z handbook containing detailed descriptions of the origins of popular fresh food items including fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat, eggs plus fish and seafood. With detailed information on how it was grown, raised or caught, the methods and chemical pesticides used in production, its ethical and animal-cruelty implications, whether it is sustainable, local and seasonal plus much, much more.

Beautifully illustrated with full colour throughout including stunning life-size photography of every food item, Your Food’s easy-to-read format will allow you to make better informed choices next time you go food shopping.

This book includes: how to buy food and food storage, what's fresh and in season (and what has been stored since last season), is it organic, free-range and cruelty-free, what insecticides, fungicides and herbicides have been used in its production and what are their health risks? Is it GM-free? Is it from a sustainable seafood source?

PLUS: Australian local food shopping guide. A state-by-state guide to all major food production areas in Australia and what is produced near where you live. Local food shopping has never been easier.